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Total Control on the Go

  • Electronic Statements look the same as paper statements and offer customer even more value, convenience and security with benefits such as anytime/anywhere access.

Inventory Control

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How it Work

Most financial institutions using e-statements as part of a Web strategy have found that they can be used as a strategic contact point to inform and interact with customers. But in fact, by using e-statements with email notification, institutions have been able to reduce hardcopy statement cost significantly.

In addition, it can increase business and generate additional revenue by pulling customers to their Website for information and targeted offers.


The benefit highlights of adopting e-Statement strategy are as follows:

  • Enhance statement security such as encryption and customer password protected.
  • Enables customers to view their statements from mobile devices.
  • Offers faster billing deliveries, which means faster payments from customers.
  • Offers significant delivery cost savings by eliminating paper printing and hard copy deliveries.

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